The first payment token on The Open Network blockchain

Today, work is being completed on the first payment token from Tegro on an advanced third-generation blockchain developed by the team of Pavel and Nikolai Durov.

The first payment token on The Open Network blockchain
The Tegro TON team started working on projects on The Open Network at the end of last year, now the month of April is coming to an end, and there are already first impressive results.

Running Explorer YouTON on TON

Perhaps one of the most pleasant events of the last month, our team launched the browser Explorer TON. It allows you to view transactions on The Open Network, including displaying tokens and NFTs.

The product is also very significant for us, because thanks to it, we were officially mentioned by the TON Community RUS community in Telegram. And the best gratitude for your work can be only one, it is the recognition of your work by the community.

Launch of TON Hold cryptocurrency wallet

Definitely, to store coins and tokens, there must be a wallet. We really like mobile wallets, but any new product allows you to create a competitor for the current ones, which means it improves them too. For this reason, in January we announced the development of a mobile wallet. Which will definitely support the TGR token on the TON blockchain from the Tegro team.

Audit Report — Tegro TGR © cyberscope

Our team is literally working 24/7 on products for TON, many are wondering what kind of funding we have. Here we will answer the truth, we are financed with our own funds, and with credit, yes. We believe in TON and projects on it so much that we play for high stakes at 100% and nothing else!

The result of the first half of the year of work in TON

Due to geopolitical events, which everyone knows about, we have faced great difficulties. In our team there are guys working remotely from Ukraine, who adhere to completely different political views. One of the founders of our team from Mariupol, the city that suffered perhaps the most, which could not affect his psychological health.

But we do not lose heart, and we try to work at full capacity, and by the end of the month we are completing work on the first two NFT collections, this is a collection with dogs and a collection with cats. We are confident that by doing so we are giving at least a small but impetus to the development of the TON blockchain and more and more people will learn about it. That is why we decided to involve such celebrities as Nikolai Sobolev and Eva Elfi in the advertising campaign.

What will be the TGR from Tegro?

First of all, our task is to make it as popular and convenient as possible for settlements, and most importantly, stable from market volatility. For this reason, we only issue 50 million tokens. TGR tokens will be limited, on Binance Smart Chain we have already given up ownership, for this reason, the release of new tokens is not possible, which means that the number of 50 million has become finite.

What will be the TGR from Tegro?

The payment token will be integrated directly into The Open Network and will be supported by all mobile applications that will add token support to TON. Wallet support is also expected: TON Wallet, Tonkeeper, Tonhub and, of course, TON Hold Wallet. It will also be credited to the owners of NFT collections from Tegro, in what quantity and for what, we will share this information in the future. Perhaps at the exhibition, which will be held in Moscow on April 29, where our collections will also be presented.



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