Trade anything. No registration, no hassle. Trade any token on The Open Network (TON) in seconds, just by connecting your wallet. TegroFinance makes it easy to make your crypto work for you. We are starting open testing of TegroFinance DEX for TON Community.

DEX on TON — Tegro.Finance testnet

TegroFinance makes it easy to make your cryptocurrency work for you, LP tokens will be available as early as next month. TGR token is at the heart of the Tegro ecosystem. Buy it, win it, farm it, spend it, stake it… heck, you can even vote with it!

To work with DEX you need to switch your TON wallet to testnet mode.




TegroMoney payment system with its own wallet in Telegram. Software developers: Explorer Youton, TON Hold Wallet. Tegro Crypto Wallet: affiliate program.